Signs from Heaven

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Call me crazy but I do not think that death is the end.
A few months ago, I found out that a friend of mine from college passed away. Cancer had taken her at such a young age. Although we had lost touch after college, I was still saddened by the news and felt such heartache for her family. I was feeling so many emotions. I didn’t want to sit there and think about it so I got up, went outside and began to shovel the 26 inches of snow around my house. As I did, all the memories from college started to flow. So many moments I shared with this person started coming back to me. All the laughs, the tears, college events and more. My stream of memories was interrupted when a beautiful white feather flew out of no where and landed beside my pile of snow. A feeling of comfort came over me.
My grandmother passed away a few years ago. In the weeks that followed I dreamed about her often. She never spoke a word to me but would just sit across the room, watching me and smiling at me. Then one night the dream changed. She was climbing up the stairs towards me. She looked so happy and healthy. When she reached the top, she took my hand in hers. I could feel the warmth emanating from her hands. She felt so alive. My grandmother smiled at me and gave me a message. I haven’t seen her since then. I think it was, as medium John Edward calls it, our “one last time.”
My mom’s aunt passed away two years ago. We used to call her “Red.” Not just because she had flaming red hair but it was also a way to explain her fiery personality. A few days after her funeral, we drove to her house to clean it out. As we pulled up, a beautiful bright red cardinal was sitting on the fence. It flew away as we approached the house. A few months later, I decided to wear her gold cross for the first time. As I stepped out of my car, a red lady bug flew over to me and landed on my shirt.

Some people think that things like this are silly and they laugh at those of us who believe in signs. Ignore them. There are many people that we can’t share our stories with. That’s okay. Hold them close to your heart. There’s no safer place.

My beliefs of death are different than some. I believe that we are souls having a human experience. We are souls first and foremost. This flesh is only temporary. When our loved ones cross over they have merely changed form. They have returned to spirit. But they haven’t left us. It may be harder to communicate but they’ll find a way to let us know they’re still with us.
Have you and your living loved ones chosen a sign? I have a few people who I am close to and we’ve agreed on a sign so that when one of us passes we can let the other know we are there by sending them this sign. It could be something like butterflies, a song or a smell. Pick something that’s important to both of you.
I also believe that we are not limited to just receiving signs from our loved ones. I believe our angels send us signs as well. But that’s a whole other post for another day…
What signs have you received from heaven?

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