What I’ve Learned in Thirty Years

Last month I celebrated my 30th birthday. Believe it or not, this was a tough one. In so many ways, I still feel like I’m sixteen years old (some say I even look it, which I suppose is a good thing).

Golden Number 30 With Spotlit” by Stuart Miles

Golden Number 30 With Spotlit” by Stuart Miles

While there is an infinite amount of lessons for me to learn in the years to come, I can’t help but look back on what I’ve learned in the last thirty years and especially the last ten. Here are just a few of them.

I learned in my early 20’s that it’s okay to be single. In fact, I eventually found out that it’s what works best for me. Dating, marriage and having children is a lifestyle choice. While it is promoted as being the best choice, especially in the media, it doesn’t mean it’s right for me.

I know that not everyone is going to like me. That’s okay. It’s more important that I like myself. I’m not the most social person, so I do spend a lot of time alone. However, it has been in those moments of solitude that I’ve pieced together who I am and have learned to not only like myself but to love who I really am.

I’ve learned that it’s okay to be open about how nerdy I am. Seriously, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Firefly, I could go on about them. I collect Harry Potter wands, I own an interactive R2D2 and I have a cardboard TARDIS. I have a Sonic Screwdriver. I read Star Wars novels.

I’ve learned that everything is going to be okay (although I do need reminders). I’m still learning that in spite of what some people say, I can do it and I will do it. Your low expectations do not define me.

I learned to say no. This was a hard one. Saying no is not a sign of weakness. Sometimes you just don’t want to do something. I’ve learned this doesn’t make you any less of a person or a friend. It just makes you human like the rest of us. It means you’re tuning in to your intuition. If your gut says no then its no.

I’ve learned to believe in the improbable and impossible. I’ve seen and experienced things in the last few years that I never thought I would. Because of these experiences, I have learned just how beautiful this universe really is.

People are a product of their past. So are you. Don’t be so quick to judge. You don’t know their circumstances and experiences. They don’t know yours either. Be fair.

This is only a handful of the things that I’ve learned in thirty years and I’m looking forward to what I’ll learn in the years to come. I am thankful for every moment and every lesson life has sent my way.

What has life taught you so far?