The Art of a Quiet Morning

I couldn’t be happier and more relaxed right now as I sit here with my feet up on the couch, reading a new book and sipping a hot cup of hazelnut coffee. I close my eyes from time to time as a breeze flows in from the open windows.

I’m a teacher and have a week off before I begin teaching a summer session so I began this short vacation with the intention of relishing every quiet moment.

My favorite moment on any given day is a quiet morning.

There really is an art to creating a quiet morning but I’ve been practicing this art for over 15 years. When I was just a high school student. My mother and I had this nice routine of waking up on Saturday mornings, sitting at the kitchen table with cup of crème brûlée coffee and reading a really good book. We would often sit there till noon. Sometimes talking, sometimes in silence. This was where I learned the staples of my personal Quiet Morning: coffee, books and some really good company.

A quiet morning may be a foreign concept to you. Maybe you have children that you have to get ready for school and now camp. Maybe you have to rush out early to work every morning in order to beat the morning traffic. Maybe you have a bus or subway to catch. Either way, we often lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of a loud a busy day.

Right now, take a piece of paper and pen and jot a few things down that you enjoy or relax you. What would make for your perfect quiet morning? A comforting cup of tea or coffee? A new book? Or that favorite book you’ve reread a thousand time? Some relaxing music playing in the background? Or perhaps, simply sitting and meditating over the silence and stillness of a quiet house while the rest of the world is asleep.

I encourage you today to start anew tomorrow. Go to the drawing board and create your perfect quiet morning. What is it that brings you joy? What would make for a perfect, positive morning for you? Tomorrow, wake up even 10-15 minutes before the rest of your household and begin your quiet morning.

For you see, it is in the art of a quiet morning that we find our strength and power to take on the noise of the day.

I wish you all a wonderful, quiet morning today and everyday.